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At Moments Manor Orleans, we care for our residents as if they were our own parents – offering compassion and love to those who live with us, and peace of mind to their family members. Caregivers are available for our residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our resident Physician visits every Friday. Staffing levels are determined by the number of residents and their care needs. The higher the numbers, the more staff we put in place. This is a unique care model that ensures we can meet the needs of our residents. Our highly qualified staff can provide an extensive range of individualized care, from a little daily assistance and cueing, up to total care – including palliative. This allows our residents to stay in their home, even if their health needs change, thus reducing the stress of another move for both the resident and their family.

Moments Manor Orleans


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Caregiver Checking Heart Beat Of Resident at Moments Manor Orleans

Support for Residents and Families

At Moments Manor Orleans, our goal is to connect with our residents and support families through a disease process that takes so much, but makes us stop… and truly live in the present moment. Support for residents and families includes:

  • A specially trained team member designated to each resident and family to foster trust, build relationships, and provide proactive care that results from familiarity
  • Small, calm living areas with tactile enhancements to help residents feel at home and comfortable
  • Ample wandering space so residents can explore freely, yet with the protection of security and safety measures in place
  • Structured daily activities that enable residents to remain as engaged as possible and preserve their self esteem
  • Reminiscing life skill activity stations to give residents the opportunity to revisit precious times and meaningful activities in their lives
  • Family and caregiver support groups to help the whole family not only understand disease symptoms and progression, but also learn how to cope with the disease's impact on their own lives
  • Unrestricted visiting hours allowing family and friends to visit at all times, just like home
  • Complimentary meals for family members who dine with their loved one, fostering a caring and loving family environment
  • Palliative care to make passages gentle and peaceful

Designated Resident Specialists

At Moments Manor Orleans, care is provided by our highly trained Designated Resident Specialists (DRS), who work directly with each resident and their family. Each DRS cares for a small group of residents, thus they are able to keep a close eye on each resident and are uniquely positioned to observe and react to any health changes – even subtle ones. They become a friend to the resident and a resource that the family can turn to for emotional support and information. The DRS approach is especially appreciated by our families, as they know they can consistently turn to one person at the community who knows their loved one well.

Individualized Care Can Include:

  • Assistance with bathing or showering
  • Daily cueing and assistance with activities of daily living, grooming, dressing, and hygiene
  • Special assistance during sundown, agitation, or other times of stress
  • Medication administration
  • Escort to and from meals
  • Assistance with mobility or transferring
  • Companionship during a group or individual outing
  • Oxygen/rehab/wound dressing assistance
  • Continence management
  • Assistance caring for resident's personal pet
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