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Live, Love, Laugh

The Symphony Moments® Memory Care Program is very different from other more clinical programs that are offered elsewhere. At its core, our Moments® program places a very high importance on the intrinsic social needs of our residents:

  • The need for companionship and understanding
  • The need for respect and dignity
  • The need to belong to a social group of peers
  • The need to be an active participant in their lives through decision-making and participation in meaningful activities throughout the day

We developed this program to meet the unique needs of seniors at all stages of Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other forms of memory impairment. As the disease progresses, time and place no longer have the same meaning they once did. Our caregivers seek to be in the resident’s world – in their moment – providing a comfortable and enjoyable place for them to feel safe, in control, and appreciated. We focus not on what is missing, but on what is still there. We validate or confirm their thoughts and emotions; we do not attempt to reason or correct them. Trying to reason with someone who has lost the power to reason only serves to create conflict. This approach allows our residents to feel content and calmer by minimizing confusion, agitation, and frustration.

Moments Manor Orleans


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Moments Manor Orleans offers life enrichment activities
Arts and crafts are fun for everyone at Moments Manor Orleans.
Moments Manor Orleans provides a variety of activities to keep our residents active and happy.

Active Living!

The Moments® team at Moments Manor Orleans encourages families and friends to be part of the circle of care. There are events and activities that welcome family members as participants, and education is provided about Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. This knowledge can help the whole family not only understand disease symptoms and progression, but also learn how to cope with the impact of the disease on their own lives. We help families understand the disease and how they can continue to make meaningful connections with their loved ones, without frustration.

Upon move-in, our Activities Coordinator personally meets with each resident and their loved ones to best determine the resident's needs, interests, and abilities. This valuable information is then incorporated into the resident’s individualized care plan so that we can fully meet their physical and social needs. Our goal is to provide activities that are meaningful, engaging, and stimulating to encourage a sense of purpose and peace for our residents.

A cornerstone of the Moments® program is to maintain our residents’ lifelong routines. By participating in various tasks that they may have done throughout their whole life (such as setting tables, folding laundry, or raking the lawn), residents feel productive and worthwhile, thereby increasing their self-esteem. It is not uncommon to see our residents assisting with morning chores and other household tasks. Additionally, we offer a structured activity program that runs 10 hours per day, 7 days a week. This unique program is designed to engage the mind, body, and spirit, and includes physical activities such as outdoor walks, dancing, and ring toss; cognitive stimulation such as reminiscing, word games, and board games; occupational activities such as baking and gardening; music appreciation, arts and crafts, and so much more. The combination of structured and unstructured activities helps us to achieve our never-ending goal of creating delightful days for our residents.

Life Skill Stations

At Moments Manor Orleans, special “Life Skill” activity stations can be found throughout the building that enable our residents to relive happy memories from their past. These areas are designed to focus on family, work, and hobbies or pastimes. One may have a baby crib and rocking chair, complete with life-like dolls to stimulate the memory of family; others may have a work bench or typewriter, and others have clothing and vanities that can be used to re-enact getting ready to go out for a special evening or date. We encourage our residents and families to spend time at these life skill stations, which bring such comfort and familiarity to many of our residents.

The life skill stations at Moments Manor Orleans in Orleans help our residents live in the moment.
Memory boxes at Moments Manor Orleans are posted outside each residents' door to help our staff connect with each resident personally.

Memory Boxes

At Moments Manor Orleans, each resident has a “Memory Box” located outside of their suite door. This collection of photos and mementos tells their life story and allows us to engage in meaningful conversation and activities that are important to that resident.

It is just one more way visitors and staff can connect with the seniors who live with us.

Bring Your Pet With You When You Move!

When you move into Moments Manor Orleans, please bring your beloved pet with you. Your furry friends are more than welcome!

Pets not only offer companionship and unconditional love, but regular interaction with pets can have positive physical, emotional, and mental benefits for our residents.

All of our properties have a cat or dog who was adopted from a local animal shelter and who lives on-site for everyone to enjoy! They have endless amounts of love and patience for our residents, family, and guests.

Pets benefit seniors at Moments Manor Orleans