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Memory Care

At Moments Manor Orleans, we are renowned for our leadership and expertise in the field of Memory Care (Alzheimer’s and other dementias). Our proprietary program – called “Moments®” – was developed by Symphony with assistance from several long-standing, experienced members of the dementia care community in both the US and Canada, and is based on many accepted and prevailing practices which are known to reduce symptoms of dementia and the use of psychotropic drugs. We continually incorporate the extensive data and cutting-edge research of leading organizations such as The Alzheimer's Society, Women's Brain Health Initiative, and many others in an effort to provide the best possible Memory Care for our residents.

Our hands-on experience also gives us unique insights, and we listen and learn every day. For example, one of our team members suggested we try wearing pajamas during the night, as many residents were waking up and they were confused by the bright lights and people walking around in day clothes; so, we reduced the lighting and changed into pajamas... the best part was when our team members came back to us and said "it’s working, our residents see us in pajamas and realize it is the middle of the night and back to bed they go." Sometimes it is the small, common sense ideas that can make a huge difference.

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