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Consulting Services – Senior Housing Development and Management

Contact Lisa Brush, CEO and Founder of Symphony Senior Living, directly at

The first 30 minutes of advice is free. Must include a glass of good red wine or a Tim Hortons Coffee!

Senior Living Community Acquisitions, Development and Management

Lisa Brush and her team have many years of experience in the North American senior housing industry. We span a large “hands on” arena of expertise from development, acquisitions, financing, operations and all its related functional areas.

Lisa and many of our team members and partners are available for consulting opportunities where you may need assistance the most. Unlike other “third-party” senior living management companies, we can leverage our team to meet your unique needs in a cost-effective manner.

Often, new entrants to the senior housing business are not sure where to start. “They don’t know what they don’t know,” as they say. We can guide your organization along a logical path; starting with a preliminary evaluation of the opportunity, to business plan development, to execution and finally, ongoing operations.

Are these any of your Senior Living Development Questions? If so, We Can Help!

Just getting into it? Looking to complement existing real estate portfolio with senior housing…

  • We consult and assist in the acquisition, development and repositioning of senior housing communities in Canada, the US and other high potential markets outside North America.
  • We provide advice and consulting on your business goals and plans for your senior housing, division, company or single asset.

Ok, we have our plan but now we need investors… We need more depth of experience to communicate our vision and engage with them…

  • We have access to many capital funders to raise capital for development projects and acquisitions.
  • We are considered a highly skilled and reputable operator by many of the largest senior housing funders.

We have financing, development or other real estate experience, but lack skills to evaluate senior housing deals…

  • We assist in due diligence and operational transition of properties.
  • We assist in selection and evaluation of operating companies for your project.

Our project is underway, but our due diligence missed key issues, or they have become larger than initially understood…

  • We evaluate operations and make suggestions for improvements to maximize revenue and net operating income.
  • We own/co-own and operate a select number of high potential assets in these markets.
  • We can step into managing a property in certain situations or provide asset management function for your company with respect to the current operator. Unlike other “asset managers” from other real estate sectors, we are and have been operators – we are not a conflict-based manager. We will assist and coach a current manager and owner on best next steps to drive the business forward. We won’t tell you what you want to hear – you will hear what we think is needed for the business to be financially successful.

You already are in the senior housing sector either as a developer, owner or operator BUT you want to expand to new markets – Asia, South America or Canada…

  • Our team has operated in 4 Canadian provinces and in over 35 American states. We are now embarking on projects in locations outside of North America.
  • If we don’t know what we need to know, we can find it out through our many connections around the globe. We are well travelled to many countries and have collective experience in a large variety of demographics, languages and social/economic client situations.

Our Senior Living Industry Expertise & Services

As an extremely well known and reputable executive in this industry, Lisa Brush has uniquely been involved in and directed every aspect of the senior housing business from owner operator to public company. Her experience comprises most areas of the senior housing business from capital raising to development and through to operations.

Our team members and partners bring many years of experience in their functional areas and are experienced in a large variety of markets in North America and beyond.

Our experience includes:

Development, Construction and Acquisitions:

  • Identifying necessary steps to get your project off the ground.
  • Conceptual advice: type of development and corresponding returns and proformas development.
  • Project management and construction oversight.
  • Design consulting and oversight – specifically to accommodate operations and financial return objectives.

Finance and Business Planning:

  • Acquisitions, due diligence, market evaluations, dispositions.
  • Sourcing and raising capital.
  • Company and deal structuring.
  • Accounting and finance procedures and guidance on reporting packages for investors and field management.
  • Business plan and pitchbook development.
  • Detailed construction, development and operations proforma modelling
  • Budgeting and expense control.

Operational Excellence:

  • Experienced in operations of new developments, acquisitions and turn arounds, in both US and Canada.
  • Hands on operations advice, policy and procedures, and property management, including HR, union negotiations, sales and marketing, and operational programs to support high acuity care and dementia care.
  • Solid foundational systems, programs and procedures, monitoring tools and operating structure.
  • Proficient in complicated, high acuity care and dementia care in private pay properties.
  • Detailed IL/AL/ALZ operating programs that can be implemented at any location to increase revenues and occupancy.
  • Proprietary staffing model ensures residents needs are met and costs are tightly controlled.
  • Management that is passionate about delivering compassionate dignified care and services.

Sales & Marketing Support

  • Individual properties are positioned, branded and financially modelled to maximize return on investment.
  • Marketing collateral (including location specific websites) customized by property.
  • Detailed weekly reporting of sales and marketing metrics.
  • Access to proprietary MRS marketing system and CMS.
  • Graphic design services to support marketing programs.

Contact us today for Senior Housing Advisory Services:

Contact Lisa Brush, CEO and Founder, directly at The first 30 minutes of advice is free with a glass of good red wine!

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