Do you have an urgent need for senior care?

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Do you have an urgent need for senior care?

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The Moments Experience


Take part in our interactive Moments Experience at the 2020 Walk for Dementia!

At Symphony, our Moments Memory Care program is something we take great pride in. Each one of our management and staff members are Moments and CDP (Certified Dementia Practitioner) trained. The Moments Program is something that Symphony has created and perfected over our long -standing history of high-quality memory care.

This year, Symphony is a partner sponsor at the 2020 Walk for Dementia, but rather than showing our support by simply being there, we wanted to make an impact. That’s why we decided to create The Interactive Moments Experience and showcase it at the walk.

The Moments Experience immerses you into the world of living with dementia. A large majority of us understand the disease and know what it looks like. Many of us can identify symptoms and know when someone is struggling. But can we really understand what it’s like to be in their shoes? This is what the Moments Experience will allow you to do. It’s a glimpse inside what it’s like to live with the disease, even if it’s only for a few moments.

During this experience, you will be asked to wear various instruments that will hinder your ability to function ‘normally’. Don’t worry- nothing is permanent and if you’re too uncomfortable just let one of us know and we will respect that. After you’re suited up- you will be taken through two very different scenarios and asked to try and interact with your surroundings. You will be guided through the experience with the help of our staff volunteers and once you’ve finished there will be a short debriefing. From start to finish, it will take approximately five to ten minutes but nonetheless, you will walk away with a greater understanding of what it’s like to live with dementia. Do to the impact of COVID-19, The Walk for Dementia has been post-poned this year from its original date in May. We will update this page when we know the new date that has been set for the walk. See you there!


Symphony Senior Living hopes for a world in which everyone can understand seniors struggling with this disease a little better. This is why we are doing this experience in partnership with The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County. To learn more about how Symphony integrates The Moments Program into our homes click here

There will be no charge for this experience and there is no need to purchase tickets or RSVP. If you’d like to walk with us or follow along through social media- join our event page and like us on Facebook!

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