The Best Exercises for Seniors

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The Importance of Exercise for Seniors

In order to stay as physically fit as possible, it is recommended to be active for 150 minutes a week. Although maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is important at any age, aging adults face a greater need for a healthy exercise regime to maintain their physical wellbeing over time. In fact, by the time adults hit their forties, they start to lose three-to-five percent of their muscle mass with each subsequent decade of life.
There are plenty of reasons and benefits to staying physically active into your later years. Along with promoting a healthy heart, stronger bones and increased flexibility, adults who stay active have increased mobility, reduced risk of falls and even can be protected from chronic diseases later in life. As if that isn’t enough, studies have found that physical exercise can increase neurons in the brain, allowing our brains to perform the daily functions that keep us alive and well. This can lead to reduced risk of dementia and other memory impairments by 35% compared to those seniors who do not maintain an active lifestyle.

Finding the Best Exercises for You

It is never too late to get started on a healthy exercise regime. Many seniors and aging adults fear that a program may be too challenging and as a result of that fear, choose to avoid any type of exercise at all. However, the key is finding the right program to match your physical ability, as well as an activity you enjoy to keep you motivated and on track to healthy living.
Some of the best exercises for seniors include:

• Stretching Exercises. Stretching is the basis for all exercise. First, we stretch, then we begin the real workout. However, for aging adults stretching can be an exercise all in itself. Stretching exercises promote flexibility, increase range of motion and can help seniors maintain their independence overtime.
• Chair Exercises. For seniors who have limited mobility and trouble with balance, chair exercises can allow you to increase your heart rate, build and tone muscle, lubricate joints and increase circulation, all while remaining safely seated.
• Core Exercises. Core exercises focus on stretching and toning the muscles of your abdomen, back and spine. Actively exercising the core is important for reducing risk of falls due to loss of balance or mobility.
• Balance exercises. There are many reasons seniors can experience loss of balance as they age. Some struggle with arthritis, heart disease, low blood pressure or even face side effects from certain medications. Performing balance exercises can help seniors remain steady on their feet and reduce risk for falls as they age.

Staying Physically Well with Symphony Senior Living

Symphony Senior Living offers a wide variety of wellness programs and activities to keep you or your loved one healthy and active. Choose from a range of daily exercise programs and other life enrichment programs designed to keep you living independently. To learn more about physical wellness and how you can lead a healthy, active lifestyle at Symphony, contact us today!

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