How Assisted Living Eases Loneliness in Seniors

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According to Statistics Canada, an estimated 37% of women and 22% of men over 85 are living on their own, putting them at risk for increased feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression, as well as feelings of loneliness and isolation.

As we age, maintaining strong social connections with family and friends becomes more and more important. Regularly spending time with those you care about not only helps ease loneliness, but as studies show, may even help seniors live longer, healthier lives. However, getting older often makes it more difficult for seniors to stay social, particularly if they are living alone.

Here are three key ways assisted living helps ease loneliness in seniors.

Easy Access to Activities & Social Events

Many seniors become isolated simply because it’s become too difficult for them to leave their home without assistance. An assisted living community offers on-site, easy access to daily activities and events so seniors can stay social and active. The right assisted living community is sure to tailor these activities based on the interests and desires of their residents. That way, every senior has something to look forward to and something to fill their day with meaning and purpose.

Community Dining

Many seniors who live alone often find dining alone to be a struggle. Getting older can decrease your desire to cook nutritional meals, especially if you’re preparing a meal for one. Additionally, many seniors find dining alone to be a very undesirable experience.

In an assisted living community, seniors always have someone to share a meal with. At Symphony Senior Living, for example, residents enjoy three nutritious, home-style meals a day in a community dining setting. This not only makes the dining experience more social and enjoyable, but ensures every senior has access to a well-balanced diet.

Assistance with Daily Activities

Getting older can make it more difficult to do the things you once did on your own. Things like dressing, bathing, managing medication and getting out to see family and friends often requires assistance. And when seniors don’t have the assistance they need with these daily tasks, that can often lead to them keeping to themselves, increasing feelings of loneliness.

Seniors should never be held back from living the life they want just because they require extra assistance with daily activities they once did on their own. Assisted living communities work with residents and their families to create personalized care plans that ensure every resident has access to the assistance they need to feel healthy and happy.

Assisted Living at Symphony Senior Living

If your aging parent or loved one is living alone and struggling with daily tasks they once did on their own, it’s important to consider the many benefits an assisted living community can offer. At Symphony Senior Living, our mission is to ensure every resident can find meaning and purpose in each day. Our “Oasis®” assisted living is a calm, welcoming place where residents can live life on their own terms.

Our wellness teams work closely with each resident to promote independence, while also ensuring every senior has access to the assistance they need, when they need it.

Is it time to have the conversation about assisted living? Contact Symphony Senior Living today to learn more about our services and amenities and to schedule a tour.

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