Why is There a Stigma Surrounding Dementia and How We Can Fight It

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Unfortunately, there still tends to be a large stigma for many people around the condition of Dementia. A stigma includes any negative behavior or attitude toward the subject of Dementia and those living with it, purely on the basis that they are afflicted with the disease. 

Of course, there is absolutely no real reason or foundation for there to be a stigma around Dementia. Continue reading to learn why there is a stigma around Dementia and how it can be combated. 

The Reasons Behind Dementia Stigma

The truth about Dementia stigma is that it often stems purely from people being uneducated or misinformed about the disease. This leads to the formation of opinions, considerations, and misconceptions about those who are struggling with Dementia. 

Dementia is a prevalent disease with different types, but it is also still not well understood, which leads to false beliefs being spread instead of facts. Realistically, many of those struggling with Dementia are likely to encounter stigma in some form or another, which makes it harder for them and their quality of life. 

The Many Forms of Dementia Stigma

Stigma about Dementia can come about in many different forms and it may not even be initially noticed when someone is expressing their stigma. Dementia stigma can look like this:

  • Jokes

  • Belittlement

  • Harmful or incorrect assumptions

  • Lack of awareness

  • Lack of support after diagnosis

  • Stigma by association

Some of these things can seem innocent at first glance when coming from someone the patient knows, but they are often still a form of stigma, as they come from not understanding the disease. 

Combating the Stigma Surrounding Dementia

While the stigma around Dementia will not disappear overnight, working to combat it can help decrease the incidence in the future. 

The most important step in combating Dementia stigma is education. Those afflicted and their loved ones should educate themselves on Dementia symptoms, types of Dementia, and the various details to be able to easily challenge false information and beliefs. The more people that are further educated about Dementia, its symptoms and its challenges, the less stigma there will be around the condition. 

There are many great resources online to learn about Dementia, but the Alzheimer's Association is another great source. They can provide information about all sides of Dementia, Alcoholic Dementia, and Alzheimer's Disease, including care and support resources. 

Don’t Brush Off Dementia Stigma

For some of those struggling with Dementia and their loved ones, it may seem easier to just brush off the stigma and move on. While there is some understanding of this mindset, it is not a good idea.

Realistically, this only allows the stigma to continue around them and potentially worsen. Instead, they should be ready and willing to challenge false beliefs or information, as well as provide more factual and accurate information about the disease. This may be all it takes to help those around them to understand the condition and empathize. 

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