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Senior Citizens Should Consider Adopting a Senior Animal: Here are X Reasons Why | Blog

4 Reasons Senior Citizens Should Adopt a Senior Animal

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Retirement has its many advantages, but it can also be difficult for some senior citizens to know exactly what to do with themselves. When they have been working for a large majority of life, it can be hard to find a routine or sense of purpose at first. This is exactly where getting a pet may be exactly what a senior citizen needs to help round out their retirement. 

Of course, the idea of getting a puppy or kitten may seem overwhelming for senior citizens, which is why the best idea may be for them to adopt a senior animal. There are multiple reasons why a senior animal would be a much better fit for senior citizens and their lifestyles. 

  1. Lower Maintenance

One of the largest reasons that a senior animal is better for senior citizens is because they are lower maintenance than young animals. Senior animals require significantly less time commitment than younger animals do, which makes it easier for senior citizens to still enjoy their retirement and pet without feeling overwhelmed. 

They also need much less training and supervision, which is a better fit for the retired lifestyle. 

  1. Encouraging A More Active Lifestyle

One senior citizen benefit is mostly related to adopting a senior dog, which is that it can encourage a more active lifestyle. While senior dogs will not require as much exercise as younger dogs will, they will still need to be taken out for walks, which can help the senior citizen get some exercise and activity as well. This is good for forming a routine, improving overall health, and reducing stress, which brings up the next point. 

  1. Stress Relief and Socialization

It is long established that having a pet is great for stress relief and it can even help lower blood pressure in some cases. 

Adopting a pet will give senior citizens a sense of companionship, which will also help encourage them to go out and socialize with others. According to a survey done by the National Poll on Healthy Aging of over 2000 people between the ages of 50-80, with half of them being pet owners, 79% reported that their pet provided them with stress relief. 

  1. Give the Senior Animal a New Lease on Life

The last reason to adopt a senior animal is more for the animal, which is purely to give the senior pet a new lease on life. Unfortunately, senior animals are much less likely to be adopted than younger animals, which can lead to them living a long time in shelters. 

To give a senior animal a whole new life of love and fun offers an unexplainable level of fulfillment. Plus, the senior animal may get a whole new level of renewed energy and they have a lot of love to give! It is not uncommon for people to adopt senior animals who are not expected to live much longer just to see them brighten back up and live several years once they leave the shelter. 

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