What You Can Do to Prepare for Flu Season

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As temperatures start to drop and the weather changes, the flu will be starting to show itself again. Flu season is never fun for anyone, but seniors need to take it more seriously. This is because those older than 65 are at more risk for severe flu complications. 

Fortunately, there are ways that seniors can prepare for flu season to help prevent them from getting it or make it less severe. Check out below to see the ways that seniors can prepare for flu season

When is Flu Season?

Everyone talks about flu season, but some may wonder, “when is flu season?” Flu season typically spans the primary winter months of December through February. The influenza virus can spread year-round, but these winter months are when activity peaks. It is a good idea for seniors to begin preparing for flu season before it hits. 

Take Care of Yourself to Prevent Seasonal Flu

One of the best ways for seniors to prevent seasonal flu is by taking care of themselves. It is more important than ever to be health-conscious during peak flu season. Seniors should ensure that they are eating a balanced diet, getting enough rest, and drinking plenty of fluids. Taking these steps helps to keep the immune system in its best possible shape to fight off viruses. 

Get the Flu Shot

A very important first step in preparing for flu season is to get the flu shot. Unfortunately, seasonal flu shots are limited and cannot guard against every flu strain. But, it does help the body create an immune response to the specific strain that is going around at that time. The flu shot is readily available in many pharmacies and doctor's offices, and senior living communities typically have them as well. Although, seniors should always consult with their doctor to ensure that it is the best choice for them. 

Wash Your Hands

Hygiene is critical during flu season and a major part of this is for seniors to regularly wash their hands. Germs can be transferred onto the hands incredibly easily, reaching the mouth or nose from eating and other activities. Seniors should wash their hands after going out into public, shaking hands, being in common areas, and more. This can help to prevent the flu virus from getting into the system. Seniors should scrub every part of their hands and continue the process for at least 20 seconds. 

Don’t Forget About COVID-19

Unfortunately, just because flu season has arrived does not mean that COVID is gone. Seniors should still take precautions to avoid getting COVID as well. This may include wearing a mask when going out, sanitizing surfaces, social distancing, and more. The best advice for seniors is to consult with their doctor on the best plan to avoid getting sick during the peak months of flu and COVID. 

Searching for Quality Senior Living Facilities?

If you are looking to go into senior living yourself or looking for a loved one, Symphony Senior Living is here to help. Here at Symphony Senior Living, we take flu season in Canada seriously and do our best to prevent residents from catching it. The last thing we want is to see our residents sick or dealing with complications from the flu. 

Our multiple facilities across Canada can accommodate the needs of almost any senior. Our goal is always to treat our residents like they were members of our own family and we reflect this in our care. If you have any questions about our facilities, give us a call at 437-214-1608. 


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