5 Self Care Tips for Senior Citizens

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Many seniors have been through a lifetime of helping and taking care of others, whether it be their children, older parents, grandkids, and maybe even a struggling or sick spouse. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this throughout life. Although, there should be a time where a senior is able to consider their own needs and engage in some self care. 

Some may consider the self care movement and idea somewhat silly, but it is far from that. In fact, there are actually numerous health and mental benefits to practicing self care. Continue reading to learn some great ways that seniors can practice self care. 

Self Care Ideas Don’t Have to Be Complicated

Adding an official title to taking care of oneself and their needs does not need to complicate the process. Some people may think that it is too much effort or time consuming to take the steps in caring for themselves. But, this is far from the case. In fact, there are numerous self care ideas that are very easy to put into practice. Even better, some of the best self care ideas may be some things that seniors are already doing. 

What is Self Care?

Some seniors may be wondering – what is self care?  Self care is a more recent term that encompasses more wholly taking care of oneself. More accurately, it involves being more active in improving and maintaining one’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Check out below for some easy ways to practice better self care. 

  1. Live a Healthy Lifestyle 

Of course, as people get older, they need to start taking better care of themselves and their body. This is why trying to live a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important parts of self care. Living a healthy lifestyle can include a proper diet, plenty of fluids, ample sleep, and keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum. Seniors should also find a way to exercise that is comfortable for them. 

  1. Stay on Top of Medical Care 

Another part of self care for seniors is to stay on top and proactive about their health. This includes scheduling and attending regular appointments and checkups with the doctor, dentist, and eye doctor. Even just attending these usual appointments can help seniors to stay healthy and catch any issues early on. 

  1. Don’t Neglect Emotional Health 

Self care also includes taking care of one’s emotional health. Some seniors may find that they are starting to feel lonely, anxious, depressed, or many other different emotions. It is important to talk about these difficulties and get help for them, whether it be through a minister, counselor, or other professional. 

  1. Do Things You Enjoy 

A huge part of seniors taking care of themselves is for them to engage in self care activities that they enjoy. This could be puzzles, gardening, walking, games, or much more. 

  1. Get Outside 

There are numerous proven benefits to being out in nature, which is why it should be part of senior self care regiments. Sometimes, it can make a huge difference to get away from the hustle and bustle of life to take a walk, go to a park, or other outdoor self care activities. 

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