Do Senior Citizens Need Another COVID 19 Booster Shot?

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COVID 19 caused a lot of difficulty around the world and changed a lot of the ways we operate in society these days. Fortunately, the vaccine allowed everyone to start moving back into a state of normalcy, as COVID became less of a threat. Of course, it was also recommended that many people, with an emphasis on older individuals, get the following booster shot to ensure that the vaccine stayed effective. 

Now that it has been some time since the first round of booster shots, it has come a time that another booster shot is being recommended for some people. This likely makes many people, especially senior citizens, wonder whether they should get another booster shot. This is an important decision to make and seniors should be informed so that they can make the best choice for themselves. 

Who is the Second COVID 19 Booster Shot Recommended For?

The second booster shot is not necessarily needed by every person out there. The CDC has only released direct recommendations for a second booster shot for three different groups of people, those being:

  • People aged 50 years and older who got their first booster at least four months ago

  • Kids 12 years and older who are immunocompromised and had their first booster at least 4 months ago.

  • People age 18 and older who had two doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine at least four months ago. 

This is a decision that should be made by the individual, but they should also consult with their doctor. The doctor will be able to look over health history, the risk for COVID, and more to help the individual make the decision that will be best for their health. 

Can At-Risk Individuals Wait on the Second COVID 19 Booster?

Some of the older or at-risk individuals mentioned above may be wondering if they can hold off or forego the second COVID 19 booster. Realistically, there is no one size fits all answer to this question, as it depends on the individual, their health, and their doctor’s recommendations. Although, some may consider waiting if they are worried about getting the second booster too soon or if they have had COVID recently, such as within the last three months. 

Once again, the best thing people can do is consult with their doctor and inform them of all health and COVID related information. When the doctor has all of the information, they will be able to provide the best recommendation for the individual. 

What if You Want the Second COVID-19 Booster Shot?

There is no hard fast rule that people cannot get a second COVID-19 booster shot if they are not in the at-risk categories mentioned above. Those who feel they are immunocompromised, even without a diagnosis, can self-report if they feel a second booster would be good for them. Of course, they should also ensure that they do not get it too soon after the first shot or after having COVID. 

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