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Assisted Living Facility: How to Ease the Transition for Loved Ones | Blog

How to Ease The Transition to an Assisted Living Facility

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As many people get older, they may find that their body is not keeping up as well as it once was. Things may start to become harder, take longer, or just be too much for them. This is not purely a physical matter either, as some people may start to have trouble with memory and cognitive function as well in later years. When these things start to happen for a senior, it can prompt a family discussion about moving them into an assisted living facility. 


This can be a very big decision and it can seem overwhelming for the senior sometimes. Fortunately, there are several ways to help ease the transition into an assisted living facility. 

Assisted Living Can Be Beneficial 

Unfortunately, there is still a slight stigma in some people’s minds regarding assisted living. This may be because some people view it as shameful or perhaps the senior does not want to give up their independent lifestyle. The latter is understandable, but as assisted living is shameful, this is far from the truth. 


There is nothing wrong with a senior choosing to live in assisted living to ensure that they are all having their needs met. In many cases, this allows seniors to have a much better quality of life in their later years. They will be able to focus on enjoying retirement and recreational activities instead of struggling to do many things by themselves. This is an important topic of discussion to have with the senior needing help. 

Don’t Just Google “Assisted Living Near Me”

Of course, it is ideal if the assisted living facility is close to home, but proximity is not everything. Families and seniors should not Google “assisted living near me” and pick the closest facility. Picking a facility based purely on location may result in the senior attending a facility that can not provide everything they need. Assisted living facilities should be considered based on services, quality of care, amenities, ability to manage health conditions, and proximity can be considered as part of the whole picture. 

Preparing for the Transition Early

One of the best ways to ease the transition into assisted living facilities is to prepare early. This is a topic that should be brought up before it becomes an urgent situation. This way, the senior and family can take some time in the search for the right fit in a facility. Waiting until the last minute can result in a situation where a facility is chosen based only on urgency instead of the amenities and quality of care.


The last thing families want is for their loved one to end up in a facility that is not a good fit just because they did not have time to look around. This also allows time for the senior and family to prepare and get finances in order before heading into assisted living. 

Involve the Senior in the Search

Those who are looking for a facility for their family member should always try to involve the senior in the search. Since they will be the ones living in the facility, they should have a say in where they move to. This could be as easy as finding a few great options and presenting them to the senior to choose between. 

Are You or Your Loved One Needing Assisted Living Services?

If you are looking for senior living options, then Symphony Senior Living is here to help. We have several facilities across Canada that can accommodate the needs of nearly any senior. High-quality care is our ultimate goal and we treat our residents like they are members of our own family. If you have any questions about our services or facilities, please give us a call at 437-214-1608.

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