How to Set Up a Care Network After Relocating

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Moving can be a huge series of tasks to be completed and loose ends to tie up before relocating. This can be a lot to keep track of, and it leads to many people forgetting or neglecting important parts of relocating. One factor that some people may not consider right away when moving is how their care network will change when they move. This is especially true for seniors, as they should have a quality care network established to properly manage their health in their later years. 

Fortunately, setting up a care network after relocating is not too difficult and just takes a little time spent contacting professionals. Continue reading to learn some of the best steps to set up a care network in whatever location. 

A Coordinated Care Network is the Best Policy

Ideally, any individual should want a care team that is coordinated and works together. This is something that needs to be considered when choosing new doctors or care providers of any type. It should be made sure that they will work with other providers and past providers to gain knowledge of everything that has been done so far and what the treatment or care plan should look like moving forward. A coordinated care network will help to ensure that the individual is getting the right treatment, appointments, and medications to best manage their health and well-being. 

Finding a New Primary Care Network

It can be difficult to choose a new doctor when moving, especially if the individual liked their previous doctor. This is not to say that doctors in the new area will not be qualified, but it can be hard to consider the idea of building a whole new patient-doctor relationship

A good way to shortcut some of this difficulty is to ask the current doctor for referrals for a new primary care physician. The current primary care team may be familiar with providers in the new area or even work with them already. This means that they may be able to recommend a new primary care network or physician that will be similar or fitting for the individual in the new area. Most doctors will only want the best for their patients, which means that the current provider may be more than happy to help their patients find a good new doctor. 

As a side note, the other important factor is ensuring that any new provider works with the individual’s insurance. This can be checked with the provider or through the insurance company. 

Don’t Choose the First Option from a Google Search

Some people may assume they can find a new doctor by just Googling the local area when they move. Although this is not always a great idea, as doctor qualifications, care levels, and specialties can vary. 

It is much better for individuals to ask for recommendations or search for care providers with experience in their particular conditions or age group. Otherwise, the individual may end up having to go through a series of multiple providers before finding one that offers them appropriate care and a harmonious relationship. People should never be afraid to have somewhat higher standards for the professionals that are caring for their health. 

When Searching for Senior Living Services

For those looking for senior living services, Symphony Senior Living would love to help. We have multiple facilities around Canada that can accommodate the needs of virtually any senior. We treat our residents like members of our own family and this is displayed in our care. If you have any questions about our facilities or services, please reach out at 437-214-1608. We look forward to speaking with you and seeing how we can help you or your loved one have the best quality of life in later years.

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