How to Talk to a Loved One Resisting Memory Care

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Many people have a hard time getting older than others because of the issues they start to develop. This is especially true when a senior begins having cognitive difficulties, such as in the case of those with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. With how much attention and care those struggling with these diseases need, memory care is often recommended. 

It can be scary and daunting for a person to move into a more structured facility away from home. Although, it is often the best option to provide the highest quality of life for the person. Of course, it can be difficult for families to have this conversation with their struggling loved one, as they may resist at first. Fortunately, there are better ways to approach the topic and it can help ease the transition into memory care. 

Continue reading below to learn some of the best ways to talk to a loved one that is resisting memory care. 

Don’t Push a Memory Care Facility Right Off the Bat

Ideally, the struggling senior will come around to the idea of moving to a memory care facility. But, this does not mean that it should be pushed on them right away and forcefully. The conversation should begin tenderly and discuss how they have been struggling. 

Of course, the topic of a memory care facility should eventually be brought up in an empathetic manner. For the family to jump right to a memory care facility may make the senior feel like they are unwanted and the family is just trying to send them away. 

Family members should have compassion and understand that this is a hard situation for the senior. Realistically, anyone struggling with cognitive conditions will likely have already been experiencing difficulties and changes for some time before this conversation. In other words, be considerate of the seniors and their abilities during this conversation. 

Not All Memory Care Facilities are the Same

The family should not be quick to choose the one facility that comes up from Googling “memory homes near me.” They should consider the needs and desires of the seniors to ensure that they will be happy with the facility. If possible, the senior should even be involved in the search. Let them look through some of the memory care facilities that the family has selected to see which one they may like the best. 

Comfort the Senior Through the Whole Process

The family should understand that this is an incredibly frustrating and difficult time for the senior. They have likely been forgetting things, having a hard time with many normal tasks, and more. Family members need to comfort the seniors and ensure them that this is the right decision for them to have the best quality of life. Furthermore, let them know that the family will still be visiting and keeping them involved. Otherwise, the senior may feel like they are being sent off to mostly be alone, or without people they know for the rest of their time.

Let Symphony Senior Living Help

Here at Symphony Senior Living, we understand that cognitive difficulties are extremely hard and we want to help those in our care as much as possible. We have multiple facilities across Canada that can accommodate the needs of those with cognitive difficulties.

Our memory care facility staff members treat residents like their own families, and this is reflected in our care. If you have any questions about our facilities or services, please contact us at 437-214-1608.  We look forward to speaking with you and seeing how we can help your loved one.

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