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Senior Center: Planning the Perfect Holiday Party for Your Community | Blog

Planning the Perfect Holiday Party for Your Senior Center

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The holidays are a wonderful time of the year for everyone, including those living in a senior center. Of course, seniors living away from home want to celebrate the holidays just like everyone else. This means it’s time to host an awesome holiday party at the senior center! 

In fact, hosting a holiday party is a great way to help those without families celebrate the joyous time of the year. There are many easy ways to spruce up the space and create a perfect holiday party. 

Continue reading to learn how to plan the perfect party for your senior center. 

Turning the Senior Center Near Me into a Holiday Wonderland

Bring out the Decor

One of the most crucial components of hosting a proper holiday party is having the right decorations. Decorations are relatively inexpensive, and will really make a difference in terms of the party’s festivity. Senior centers could even host a DIY decoration event before the party. This way, seniors can create their own decorations to keep in their rooms. You can also put their hand-made decorations on display around the center. 

Dress Up for the Occasion

A great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit is to encourage party-goers to dress up. For a Christmas party, this could mean creating an ugly Christmas sweater theme. You can even encourage participants to dress up as Santa and his elves! Giving seniors the chance to dress up for the party can really brighten the mood. Plus, it’s nice to see other residents dressed in their holiday finest. 

Brighten Up the Spirits of the Senior Citizen Center

Put Together a Great Playlist

Set the tone for a holiday party by putting together a classic playlist with some fan-favorite holiday tunes. Ask residents for recommendations, or put out a survey beforehand asking what music they’d like to hear. Get some of the residents' opinions by allowing everyone to have their input. Make sure to create a diverse playlist, so everyone at the senior citizen center gets to hear their favorites! 

Invite Loved Ones

If the senior center has the space, then they should also allow residents to invite some of their loved ones. Of course, you don’t have to host their entire extended family. However, having their immediate families will make a huge difference to the overall tone of the part. 

If the senior center is able to host guests, they should give the residents plenty of heads up. Even better, the center could send out invitations to loved ones as well. 

Don’t Skip Out on the Holiday Party

Senior centers should never skip out on hosting a holiday party. Gatherings and parties are often a big deal for many of the residents. It may be challenging for seniors to get into the holiday spirit if they are unable to celebrate at home. This can obviously be quite upsetting for both the seniors and their loved ones. However, hosting an unforgettable holiday party will help boost their moods and put them in the holiday spirit. 

Symphony Senior Living is Here for You

There are many factors that go into choosing the right senior citizen center for you or a loved one. Seniors and their families should pick one that they are truly happy with. 

Fortunately, Symphony Senior Living is here to help with that. We have several locations across Canada that can accommodate the needs of virtually any senior. Our goal is to treat residents like members of our own families. This is demonstrated through our quality of care. If you have any questions about our locations or services, please give us a call at 437-214-1608.


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