Traveling for the Holidays Three Years into COVID: What to Know

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Figuring out travel plans during the holidays and traveling, in general, has been difficult ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially true for seniors who are often at higher risk of long-term harm by COVID and other viruses. 

Fortunately, traveling is slowly becoming easier to navigate again. In fact, Canada just recently removed many of its travel restrictions as of October 1st, 2022. Several Canadian officials have attributed this to Canadians taking the initiative to get vaccinated. Continue reading to learn about the new rules for travel and how to navigate them this holiday season.

What Were the Canada Travel Restrictions?

Previously, Canada had very firm set travel restrictions for coming into the country. These included:

  • Submitting public health information

  • Pre or on-arrival Covid testing

  • Quarantine or Isolation

  • Monitor and Report Covid signs or symptoms once in Canada

  • Wear masks on trains and planes

Fortunately, as of October 1st, all of these Canada travel restrictions have been removed for all types of travel. This includes land, air, and sea. Although it’s no longer a requirement, the country does still recommend wearing well-fitted masks during travel. 

Do You Need to Be Vaccinated to Travel?

One of the most common travel questions these days is “do you need to be vaccinated to travel?” Proof of vaccination was previously required to enter Canada. However, this requirement was removed as of October 1st for domestic and Canadian international travel. That being said, the Canadian government still recommends getting vaccinated and boosted in order to protect yourself and others. 

Be Aware of Provincial and Territorial COVID-19 Requirements

While the Canadian government has removed the country-wide requirements, there may still be some provincial or territorial requirements. 

Those traveling throughout Canada should maintain an awareness of the territory or province’s restrictions. These requirements can be found on the COVID-19 Provincial and Territorial Resources page of the Government of Canada’s website. Users can select the exact territory or province they will be visiting to find out the regulations and requirements. 

Information for Canadian international travel safety can be found on the Travel Advice and Advisories by Destination page of the same site. 

How Seniors Can Continue to Protect Themselves During Travel

The heavy travel restrictions may have been lifted, but this does not mean that seniors should not continue to exercise caution during travel. Those who are immunocompromised or dealing with other health issues should always do their best to prevent COVID or other viruses. They can do so by getting vaccinated and boosted, as well as wearing a high-quality mask during travel. 


Those who are not at higher risk should still be health-conscious when traveling, and avoid traveling if they are sick. Seniors should also continue to get regular checkups with their doctors to maintain their health. 

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