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Ottawa Senior Homes: How to Become More Tech Literate | Blog

5 Ways to Become More Technology Literate in Ottawa Senior Homes

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Technology has continued to rapidly advance over the past few decades. This might prove difficult for those living in senior homes. Seniors did not grow up immersed in these new technologies as younger generations did. This creates a bit more of a learning curve. Fortunately, there are great ways that older adults in Ottawa senior homes can begin to become more technologically literate. 

Senior Homes in Ottawa: How Older Adults Can Learn Technological Literacy

Older adults living in senior homes in Ottawa may lean away from technology for a multitude of reasons. One of these reasons is that technology seems too complicated to learn. While there are some complicated aspects of technology, learning the basics is relatively easy, and important. 

Because technology has become such a large part of society, it is important for older adults to at least know the basics. This way, they can interact with their loved ones in various ways, such as texting, sending photos, and more. 

There are many great ways for seniors to learn the basics of technology, such as:

#1 Talk to a Tech Savvy Family Member or Friend

More likely than not, seniors will have family members or friends who are great with technology. These individuals are great resources for seniors who want to learn how to use a computer or smartphone. 

#2 Take a Class

There are many in-person and online classes that are perfect for seniors to begin learning the basics. With more practice, there are advanced levels of classes to partake in, too. While there are general classes for basic technological information, there are ones designed specifically for seniors. 

#3 How-To Books 

How-To books are another great resource for seniors looking to leap into technology. These books are a great approach for those who aren’t ready to jump right into using technology. 

#4 Practice

One important step in technological literacy is for seniors to receive hands-on practice. It may not be enough to take a class or learn how to do something once. It might be a lot of information to take in. Seniors should set aside time to practice and familiarize themselves with their computers or phone. 

#5 Be Patient

Seniors should be patient when learning how to use their devices. It is not something that is going to happen overnight, and that is totally okay. For beginners, go into the learning process with a willingness to learn and to make mistakes. And of course, take your time. Many people get frustrated when learning something new, but this isn’t a reason to stop learning. 

Technology Can Help Older Adults in Senior Home Care in Ottawa

While technology may seem daunting at first, it will provide a wide range of benefits for seniors. It can help seniors stay in touch with loved ones, watch videos and TV online, shop online, conduct research, and much more. And once they have a grasp of the basics, there is a large number of free resources online to learn even more. Those living in senior home care in Ottawa can also check out local resources like libraries to further their technological literacy. 

Searching for Ottawa Senior Home Care?

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