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Retirement Homes in Ottawa: Safer Than At Home Care? | Blog

Are Retirement Homes in Ottawa Safer Than At Home Care?

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Getting older poses a lot of changes. They may not be able to move around as well as they once did or keep up with daily duties. This is where many seniors may begin to consider assisted living. This is especially true when considering the safety of the individual. 

As seniors become unable to move around or stay aware of their surroundings, it can become dangerous. There are many factors for a senior and their family members to consider when it comes to safety. This could include deciding whether it may be safer for them in one of the retirement homes in Ottawa

So, are retirement homes safer than at-home care? It’s important to review all of your options before moving forward with a decision.

The Safety and Security of Ottawa Retirement Homes

When it comes to retirement, seniors and loved ones need to take safety into account. There are many factors that play into a person’s safety no matter what their age. When it comes to securing your home, mobility, self-care, and other vital safety components, retirement homes may be the safer option. This is where Ottawa retirement homes play a vital role in managing the safety of seniors.

Statistically, the elderly are 53% more likely to become robbery victims in their own homes compared to younger victims. This is a frightening statistic, but there are solutions.

According to a national survey in the United States of adult children with parents in retirement communities, safety plays a major role. 91% of those surveyed are happy with their parent’s safety and security in a retirement community. Retirement homes bring peace of mind not just for the senior, but for their loved ones, too.

The Retirement Homes Ottawa Has Available are Safer from Fire Danger

As seniors remain at home while they age, the risk of fire danger increases. According to research, seniors living alone at home have a 250% increased risk of perishing in a house fire. In contrast to those living in retirement homes, these communities only add up to about 0.7% of fires. 

This is a staggering difference, and seniors and their loved ones should not take this fact lightly. There are many seniors who are still in relatively good health and able to keep up with living at home. But for those who aren't, staying at home despite health and related conditions could be very dangerous. This is where it might be time to consider one of the retirement homes Ottawa has available. 

The Risk of Falling at Home vs. An Ottawa Retirement Home

Falling is one of the greatest risks for seniors, and it is commonly discussed and well-known in retirement communities. 

Realistically, aging and declining abilities can easily lead to seniors falling down. Furthermore, falling for seniors can be incredibly dangerous, as seniors are more likely to be seriously injured from falls. According to research, 1 out of 3 seniors have a serious fall each year. Comparatively, fall prevention programming for those in retirement communities decreased fall rates by 25-40%. 

Retirement homes leverage this concern, as qualified staff supervise and watch over the safety of all residents.

Searching for a Retirement Home that Feels like Home? 

If you or your loved one are searching for a safe senior living facility, contact us at Symphony Senior Living. We have multiple locations across Canada to accommodate the needs of nearly any senior. This includes our home here in Ottawa. 

Our primary goal is to treat residents like members of our own families and make them feel truly at home. If you have any questions about our locations or care, call us at 437-214-1608. We look forward to helping you or your loved one thrive in retirement.

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