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4 Dog Training Tips for Senior Citizens for Senior Living in Ottawa | Blog | Symphony Senior Living

4 Dog Training Tips for Senior Citizens for Senior Living in Ottawa

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A dog might be the perfect addition to anyone’s life. Dogs are especially beneficial to the residents of senior homes. 


Dogs can help seniors feel less lonely, improve their mood, stay active, and more. But, without adequate training, dogs can be a lot to handle for seniors. Fortunately, many training tips and tricks can help seniors train their dogs. Continue reading to learn some excellent training tips for those in senior living in Ottawa

Senior Living Ottawa: How to Approach Training

  1. Find the Right Approach for Your Dog

The first thing to determine is how to approach training with your particular dog. Every pup is unique! Your training approach largely depends on the dog's age and general personality. While there will be shared tips and methods, there is a difference in approach for older dogs and puppies. 


The primary difference here is that an older dog may already have some training, which may be an advantage. If an older dog already knows some commands or boundaries, this offers a solid foundation. However, if the older dog already has set routines and training, it can take more work to enact change. 


On the other hand, starting from scratch with a puppy is also a challenge. The blank slate of a puppy is perfect for training, but it can take some patience and time. 

  1. Maintain a Schedule with Your Dog 

Another critical factor in training a dog while in the senior living Ottawa offers is to maintain a schedule. 


A schedule provides consistency and repetition while training a dog, which typically offers greater success. Seniors should keep the dog's daily habits around the same time of day. This includes feeding, potty trips, and training sessions. This is not to say that the owner can’t add additional training sessions. But, primary training and exercise times should stick to a schedule. This helps dogs of all ages feel safe, plus it makes the training process more efficient. Those residing in senior living can design a plan for their dog that works with their schedule to make training easier. 

Senior Independent Living Ottawa: Find a Rhythm With Your Pup

  1. Implement Crate Training 

Crate training can be helpful for those living in the senior independent living Ottawa offers. This is especially helpful for those who need to leave their dogs alone or separate from them for a bit. Start crate training early in the dog's life to help them get comfortable with it. Do not treat it like a punishment, or it can have the opposite effect. 


Treats can help create a positive association with the crate. Crate training can be incredibly beneficial and will help your dog foster trust and independence.

4. Attend a Dog Training Class


If seniors are experiencing difficulty training their dogs, they could also consider attending a dog training class. There are two common types of dog training classes to attend. 


In the first type of class, the owner will attend the class with their dog to learn training methods and commands. They can then practice these skills. 


The other type of training course is where the owner sends the dog off to a training camp. Then, the dog is returned once the course is complete. 


Both of these options are successful ways to train a dog. Those living in independent living can look up local dog training online to find options in the area. 

Senior Living That Feels Like Home


Are you searching for senior living that feels like home? Then, Symphony Senior Living is here to help. We have multiple locations across Canada, and our goal is always to treat our residents like members of our own families. If you have any questions about our quality of care or our homes, give us a call at 437-214-1608.

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