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Ottawa Senior Homes: 5 Activities to Promote Resident Health - Symphony Senior Living Blog

Ottawa Senior Homes: 5 Activities to Promote Resident Health

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As we age, it's vital to maintain our physical and mental health to live a happy and fulfilling life. Many older adults benefit from the safe and supportive environment that senior homes provide during the latter half of life. However, these communities need to incorporate activities that promote the health of their residents. 

Let's explore five activities that will enhance the overall well-being of residents living in a retirement home.

Must-Haves for Senior Citizen Homes

For senior citizen homes to provide the best life for residents, they need to be warm and comforting, just like a real home! Here are a few simple additions that will add to any room in a senior care home:

  • Plants
  • Pictures of Friends and Family
  • Colorful Artwork 
  • Fish Tanks
  • Candles
  • Soft and Comfortable Blankets

Creating a friendly and inviting environment in a senior living space will exponentially add to the residents' experience.
Additionally, providing a space that is both comfortable and familiar can help residents feel more at ease while living away from family.

Enriching Activities for Seniors Homes 

Providing retired seniors with the life they deserve requires an approach that considers their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Seniors homes should provide compassionate staff, safe and accessible facilities, physical and mental activities, and opportunities for community enrichment. 

In the interest of every senior citizen, we have compiled the top life-enriching activities to incorporate into retirement communities.

1. Music and Art Therapy

Music and Art Therapy can provide a range of benefits for seniors, including reducing anxiety and depression, improving cognitive function, and promoting creativity. Art, whether visual or auditory, stimulates the spirit, brain, and motor skills.

Several artistic outlets will engage residents, such as listening to music, singing, playing instruments, painting, pottery, and coloring. These activities will boost self-esteem and provide a fun way for residents to participate and connect with their peers.

Additionally, these therapies can benefit seniors with dementia or Alzheimer's disease by helping them connect with their memories and emotions.

Pro Tip: Host a Music and Art Jam game! Set up art supplies for everyone participating, put on some music, and encourage them to create artwork while listening to music. After a set amount of time, stop the music and have them share their art with the group. If they want, have them talk about what inspired them during their process.

2. Cooking Classes

Cooking classes can be an engaging way for seniors to learn new skills and socialize with their peers. Furthermore, offering cooking classes will teach residents how to prepare healthy meals and snacks and encourage them to expand their pallets.

3. Pet Therapy

Pets can offer a range of benefits for seniors, including reducing stress and anxiety, improving mood, and providing companionship. Consider organizing weekly pet therapy sessions, which may involve bringing in therapy animals or allowing residents to interact with pets. Furthermore, pet therapy can be especially beneficial for those who cannot have their own pets.

4. Gardening

Nature is a healing force. Having senior residents engage with plants and gardening can be an excellent way to stay active and boost serotonin. There is a wide range of gardening activities, such as planting flowers or vegetables, tending to plants, and harvesting produce. Gardening promotes physical health and allows seniors to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Pro Tip: Plan an activity where residents paint flower pots and window boxes for their rooms and other community members. When they're all dry, plant some flowers or make a terrarium!

5. Social Events, Clubs, and Classes

Social events, community clubs, and classes can be great ways for seniors to socialize and maintain a sense of belonging. Retirement homes can organize various social gatherings catering to different interests, hobbies, and preferences. Consider hosting a puzzle and trivia night, a music club, a board game club, a book club, or even a technology class. 

It's essential for seniors to engage in the things that make them happy and share them with others. Additionally, by offering classes where residents can learn new skills, they can maintain a connection to the larger world. 

Overall, social events, clubs, and classes can keep the mind sharp and engaged, promoting mental and emotional health.

Enriching the Senior Home Culture

It is essential that our aging loved ones have stimulating activities every day. Therefore, it should be the highest prerogative of every retirement home to enhance the lives of its residents. 

At Symphony Senior Living, we care for our residents with the same love we show our families. Ensuring the best possible life for our residents brings joy and fulfillment to our staff. With a range of senior living options and activities, life at Symphony is close to perfect.

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