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How to Know If Independent Living Is Right for You | Blog

How to Know If Independent Living Is Right for You

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As you age, valuing wellness and a stress-free life is a helpful tool. You can avoid stress from different sources by starting a new journey through a life that offers an ideal balance of freedom and support. If you are ready for such a life, independent living is a good choice. Let’s dive in to learn more!

Understanding Independent Senior Living

Independent living options focus on senior, active individuals who prefer joining a community where they can enjoy social opportunities and amenities.

Such a decision comes with freedom, privacy, and a burden-free life. Within an independent living community, aging loved ones can find a new home where social activities, dining options, and housekeeping services are offered.

If you want good health, quality social time, and the ability to dedicate more time to wellness, consider independent senior living.

Evaluating Independent Living Facilities

As you pursue your newly found freedom, you should select the best place to live. Therefore, it’s essential to evaluate all the available facilities before settling on the best one.

The first element is security and safety. You should be able to easily get in touch with family and friends.

Besides physical safety, ensure poor weather conditions aren't too prevalent, which can affect your health or ability to spend more time outdoors.

Moreover, what are the specific housekeeping services available at the facility? Begin with the most basic: housekeeping. How is the hygiene, and how thoroughly do they maintain your residence? Focus on clothing, bedding, and outdoor sanitation services offered. Ensure they offer all the basic and specific housekeeping chores.

You can also opt for facilities that offer nursing and medical care services. Most do not offer medical services but have partnerships with hospitals and nursing homes to provide care when needed. Ensure that they have dietary selections that perfectly fit your nutritional needs

Additionally, wellness facilities are a good option to consider. Focus on recreational, social, and entertainment facilities. Such amenities are ideal for promoting wellness and ensuring you spend more time outdoors and socializing. Do they offer wellness programs for seniors to help them live a good life?

Lastly, be sure to compare the cost associated with independent living with your current living expenses before you make the final decision.

Is Independent Living Right for You?

One decision you may struggle with is knowing when it is time to move to an independent living home. That is easy: observe the signs.

First, if you find it difficult to do home chores and there is no one to help, consider moving. 

Second, if you find yourself lonely, missing your peers, or having less fun, it is time to join your peers and make new friends. Loneliness and boredom can also stem from the desire to expand one's circle and meet new people. When everyone around the house is younger, remember that your peers are waiting at the independent living homes.

If you are tired of home expenses and maintenance costs, you can sell the house and move to a facility that doesn't require your involvement in monitoring and home maintenance chores.

Finally, if the children and grandchildren are all over the house and compromise your privacy, you can always opt for a private space at the independent living facilities.

Take the Next Step Toward Independent Living

Going to an independent living home can be a life-changing, fantastic decision in your golden years. Instead of waiting for things to worsen, join your peers, have fun, and lead a happy life in a new home environment!

Whenever you decide, Symphony Senior Living is always ready to welcome you to a new life free from stress.

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