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Why is There a Stigma Surrounding Dementia and How We Can Fight It

Unfortunately, there still tends to be a large stigma for many people around the condition of Dementia. A stigma includes any negative behavior or attitude toward the subject of Dementia and those living with it, purely on the basis that they are afflicted with the disease.  Of course, there is absolutely no real reason or…

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4 Signs You Should Consider Getting a Pet as a Senior Citizen

The physical and mental health benefits of caring for a pet have been long established for people of virtually any age. Although, new search seems to indicate that senior citizens, in particular, may greatly benefit from a furry friend.  The National Poll on Health Aging surveyed 2,051 adults between the ages of 50 to 80,…

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4 Tips for Keeping Senior Citizens Cool During the Summer

Summertime brings lots of fun in the sun, but it can also bring extreme temperatures that affect everyone, regardless of age. However, due to several different factors, it’s incredibly important to look out for older Canadians during those hot summer months. As people get older, their physiology changes, making them more sensitive to summer heat,…

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