September 30, 2020

Resources for Alzheimer’s Support in Ottawa

Having a parent or other loved one be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia can bring a lot of stress with it. You’ll likely need help at each stage, and it’s okay to seek it out. As dementia progresses and the symptoms get worse, you’ll end up needing that help more and more. It’s not a symbol of weakness, but rather one of strength and true caring. Building a support system is crucial, but so is finding the right resources for Alzheimer’s and dementia support. To help you get started, below are a few online resources specific to Ottawa.

3 Resources for Dementia Help and Alzheimer’s Support

Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way is a website that aims to help everyone who is affected by Alzheimer’s: those diagnosed with it, families, caregivers and others within the community. They have a collection of videos as well as downloadable guides that outline the risks associated with dementia and how to identify certain behaviors. These resources are also helpful to any member of the community who wants to know more about the disease. Find Your Way also offers a unique, free online course that teaches attendees how to keep those with dementia safe. If you’re concerned about your loved one getting lost at any point, this website also provides a list of the best locating devices on the market today.

The Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County

The Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County is a local care and research charity committed to helping those with the various forms of dementia. Their website has a cornucopia of resources, ranging from learning about the different types of dementia to providing information about other forms of support to ways to get involved. They even provide links to updates on the latest research, so you know what options are out there. One of the best places to get started is on their blog.

Symphony Senior Living

Symphony Senior Living aims to be a resource for dementia support for you. We are renowned as leaders and experts in the field of memory care, and we continually work to incorporate new data and research to provide the best care. Symphony Senior Living’s memory support team is a knowledgeable resource, offering advice to the loved ones of those with dementia, thanks to the unique insights they receive from hands-one experience. In addition, we offer virtual dementia support groups during COVID so you can feel connect to others.

Receiving the Alzheimer’s Support You Need with Symphony Senior Living

At Symphony Senior Living, we’re proud to offer specialized memory care programs like Moments and It’s Never 2 Late to help slow the progression of dementia. We use a variety of different services and features like hydration programs, special diets, interactive games, music therapy and fall prevention training so you know your loved one is being closely looked after. We even offer our Day and Night Owl programs for caregivers who work during the day or just time to focus on other responsibilities.

To learn more about our memory care programs in Ottawa, contact us today!


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