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4 Tips for Keeping Senior Citizens Cool During the Summer

Summertime brings lots of fun in the sun, but it can also bring extreme temperatures that affect everyone, regardless of age. However, due to several different factors, it’s incredibly important to look out for older Canadians during those hot summer months. As people get older, their physiology changes, making them more sensitive to summer heat,…

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Four Reasons to Choose a Pet Friendly Senior Living Center

Moving into assisted living is already a stressful experience. You’re concerned about losing independence, health, and what you might have to get rid of. It’s only made harder by leaving your beloved pet behind. Make the transition more enjoyable and less stressful by choosing a pet friendly senior living community.  Take your furry companion with…

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Four Ways Seniors Can Meet Other Seniors Today: Encouraging Senior Friendship

Many people over the age of fifty struggle with isolation and loneliness. Studies show that these issues put older adults at higher risk of developing dementia and other health issues. Who knew that encouraging senior friendship could actually fight against heart disease and stroke? A few scientific studies have indicated that maintaining strong social connections…

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