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4 Options to Pay For Senior Living Near Me

If your loved one is having a difficult time taking care of their basic needs on their own, you may begin seeking out alternate methods of caring for them. Assisted living programs are incredibly useful, but they do require reimbursement for the services acquired.  There are a few different avenues to explore if you’re looking…

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3 Tips For Helping a Senior Get Comfortable With Cell Phones and Technology

Technology is evolving at incredibly quick speeds. In some parts of the world, AI is being developed and implemented into robots. In others, there are mothers struggling to figure out how to open a web browser and reply to an email. This contrast is staggering, but it makes sense. Cell phones for seniors are a…

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Senior Games in Assisted Living: What We Love

Scientists have long studied the effects different activities have on the brain, exploring everything from driving in a vehicle to floating in a spaceship. Through this exploration, we have discovered that taking part in acts of play affects neurobiology on a fundamental level. Incorporating these findings into assisted living programs has proven beneficial to the…

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