Do you have an urgent need for senior care?

Let Us Help!

Do you have an urgent need for senior care?

Let Us Help!

Executive Director

Job Description

You must have a university degree or college diploma, experience working with financials and HR and at least 10 years of leadership experience with staff compliments over 20 people.

Reporting to the CEO, the Executive Director is responsible for the overall operations and success of the Retirement Community. Oversee all aspects of the business operations and delegate responsibility to members of the leadership team as appropriate. Ensure that all financial decisions are in keeping with the goals of the business and the requirements of Symphony Senior Living Inc. Manage financial resources to support the organizational viability and growth required to meet strategic and annual objectives.

  • Garner enthusiasm and commitment from Team Members to the mission, vision and strategic objectives. Foster a climate of openness, trust and solidarity among Team Members by treating each person as a valued Team Member. Take a proactive, positive view of Team Members and their capabilities, ensuring they understand their role and responsibilities, counseling and supporting them in improving their skills.
  • Act as an advocate for Residents as appropriate. Seek opportunities to enhance Resident involvement in all aspects of the business operations. Develop and cultivate a culture within the workplace that embraces client service as the means to achieving organizational success.

Results Driven Focus

  • Manage financial resources to support the organizational viability and growth required to meet strategic and annual objectives
  • Strive to meet personal objectives and accept responsibility for all areas of the job
  • Encourage critical thinking and innovation in problem solving activities
  • Able to think in abstract terms, to see the “big picture” and to understand how the various parts of Symphony Senior Living and the home fit together
  • Align department and workplace goals to the strategic direction of the organization and understands how the achievement of goals within the community directly impacts the broader objectives of the organization
  • Implement programs and processes required to meet the goals and objectives
  • Secure the resources and support required to accomplish goals through negotiation and influence providing business cases to support requests
  • Use best practices within the organization, industry and profession that will help achieve required results
  • Seek alternative, new or nontraditional approaches and delegate decision-making responsibility when appropriate
  • Seek input on organizational issues and translates strategic priorities into operating goals


  • Ability to empathize
  • Ingenuity and creativity
  • Problem solving and critical thinking

Other considerations:

  • You must pass a Vulnerable sector back ground check.
  • You must be able to work with Dogs and Cats and other animals, allergies or other needs cannot be accommodated.
  • Due to our high level of residents with dementia; your tattoos and piercings must either remained covered by clothing or are discrete. Any other external body decoration, including hair, must not be frightening to a frail senior with dementia.
  • You must be legally allowed to work in Canada.
  • You must be in good physical health as this job requires lifting, sitting, standing and walking.
  • Must be able to read and write in English to a minimum High School Level.
  • Available on call and in emergency situations.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Some travel is required for this position.
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