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Corporate Giving

Passionately Committed To The Care Of Our Seniors

As part of a broader commitment, we embrace the philosophy of Go Global, Think Local in how we can help improve the lives of seniors abroad and improve the communities they live in. Senior living donations to Symphony work to improve the lives of our own residents and seniors in the greater community. Additionally, through the Cambodian Children's Fund, we have sponsored 10 Grannies in Phnom Penh Cambodia.

The Granny Program involves women who act as community representatives and share their stories, wisdom and knowledge of bygone eras. They are often babysitting and telling teenagers how life used to be telling them of times when young people respected and listened to their elders.

The women receive five kilos of rice and $8 every week. In return, they act as the eyes and ears of the community, sharing their wisdom and imparting their knowledge. They even have CCF vouchers available to give people who need medical care or other CCF services. Because they live in the villages, they can see which families are in greatest need and refer them to CCF.

In the words of Scott Neeson, founder of the Cambodian Children's Fund, These women are the only ones with knowledge of what life was like before all the troubles in Cambodia. It worries me that children are growing up without values, without knowledge and morals. These women can help change that.

To see some of the wonderful acts of kindness and humanity Scott has been involved in, watch this video of a recent celebration to honor of the successes of the youngest students.

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Our sponsorship will enrich the quality of the ten grannies lives and the rest of the elder community struggling in Phnom Penh. We are proud to support the Cambodian Children's Fund with the care, hope and opportunity these women need to enjoy an easier twilight in their lives.

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