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The Granny Program

Through the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), Symphony Senior Living is proud to support 10 “Grannies” in the Granny Program in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Many of these impoverished women have been left behind by their families, with no way to support or care for themselves in their senior years.
The Granny Program aims to change that. By “hiring” these women as community representatives, the CCF receives qualified referrals for assistance, with the Grannies acting as the eyes and ears of the community. In exchange for their services, the women receive rice, clean water, a weekly living stipend and access to a free medical clinic. This modest assistance package has changed the dire lives of so many Grannies in Phnom Penh.

The Latest Update From Our Grannies

In addition to receiving practical support, the Grannies also get to participate in social and recreational activities through CCF. The women decide what they’d like to explore – anything from learning how to write their names, trips to Starbucks, an exercise class, sightseeing and much more.
Here’s the latest update, directly from the Grannies themselves:

Dear Lisa,

“How have you been doing? Here things have been fine with us. We don’t have much to say besides sending you our gratefully love and wishes to you as our sponsor for continually supporting us and CCF” said grannies.”

The 10 grannies would like to share with you some activities they had been involved with at CCF over the past few months.   They joined CCF’s 15th Year Anniversary with other grannies, students and community members. Grannies added that “We are delighted to join this wonderful event because it reminds us of the great time that CCF has saved us and others more than ten years up to these day. We are really thankful with such unforgettable helps and supports from Scott and sponsors and everyone who work for CCF. Without CCF and all sponsors, we all couldn’t live our lives properly till now.”

Please click on this link for further information: Facebook

Grannies and our community also conducted a Big Surprise for Scott on his birthday. Scott got traditional Khmer traditional dress from the grannies.    “What we have done for Scott on his birthday was just a tiny piece if we compare to his enormous good-deed for all of us here for 15 years”, said all the grannies.”

Please click here to hear more from Scott: Facebook

Lastly, we really appreciate your ongoing support to ‘CCF Granny Sponsorship Program’. Your kindness means a lot to our grannies enabling them to lead a stress-free and comfortable life, given what they have been through.

To end this letter, we would love to say great thank you “Akun Chroeun” for your kind heart and deep love to all 10 grannies as well as all the grandparents at CCF. Wishing you all the best of luck. See you again in our next updates.

Best love,

Grannies and Mony


Kong Sovanmony
Granny Sponsorship Coordinator | Cambodian Children’s Fund 

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