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Memory Care

Renowned Senior Memory Support & Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Symphony Senior Living is renowned for our leadership and expertise in the field of Alzheimer's and dementia care. Our proprietary program, called Moments Memory Care, was developed with the assistance of several longstanding experienced members of the dementia care community in both the US and Canada.

We continually incorporate the extensive data and cutting edge research of leading memory support organizations such as The Alzheimer's Society, Women's Brain Health Initiative and many others to provide the best possible Alzheimer's and dementia care for our residents.

Our hands-on experience also gives us unique insights and we listen and learn every day. For example, one of our memory support team members suggested we try wearing PJ's during the night, as many residents were waking up and they were confused by people walking around in day clothes and the bright lights; so, we reduced the lighting and changed into PJ's. The best part was when our team members came back to us and said, it's working, our residents see us in PJ's and realize it is the middle of the night and back to bed they go. Sometimes it is the small, common sense ideas that can make a huge difference for our residents with dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Moments That Matter - Memory Care

Our Moments Memory Care Program at Symphony is developed to meet the unique needs of each resident through all the stages of Alzheimer's, dementia and other memory impairments. Our designated resident specialists (DRS) work closely with a small group of residents and seek to live in their world, in each moment,providing a comfortable place for the resident to feel relaxed and in control.

At its core, our memory support program focuses on the key social needs of our residents:

  • The need for companionship and understanding
  • The need for respect and dignity
  • The need to belong to a social group of peers
  • The need to be an active participant in their lives through decision-making

Learn more about our unique approach to memory support and resident care.

Making Moments At Symphony

Moments Memory Care at Symphony offers a wide range of unique memory support services and amenities for our residents and families. Our goal is to connect with our residents and support families through a disease that takes so much but makes us stop and truly appreciate each moment.

Active Living in our Memory Care Neighbourhood

Upon move-in to Symphony's memory support neighbourhood, our Activities Coordinator personally meets with each resident and their loved ones to best determine their needs, interests and abilities. As part of our Circle of Care, family members are encouraged to attend and participate in activities to better understand their loved one, the symptoms and progression of Alzheimer's and dementia.

In addition to our structured activity programming, a cornerstone of the Moments memory care program is to maintain our residents lifelong daily routines. By participating in various tasks that they may have done throughout their whole life, residents feel productive and worthwhile, thereby increasing their self-esteem.

Memory Care Programming

Symphony Senior Living offers specialty memory care programs to slow the progression of Alzheimer's and dementia. Using memory care services such as hydration programs, physical and occupational therapies, special diets and fall prevention training, residents families can rest easy knowing Symphony is working closely with their loved one.

Our It's Never 2 Late memory support program utilizes advanced computer technology to engage residents through use of interactive games, puzzles visual programming and music.

Music and Memory at Symphony provides our Alzheimer's and dementia care residents with the enjoyment of music from different generations of their lives. Music Therapy has been proven to make participants happier and more social.

Life Skill Stations

In Moments, special Life Skill activity stations can be found throughout the memory care neighbourhood that enable our residents to relive happy memories from their past. These areas are designed to focus on family, work, hobbies or pastimes. One may have a baby crib, complete with life-like dolls to stimulate the memory of family, others may have a typewriter to simulate work, and others have clothing and vanities that can be used to re-enact getting ready to go out for a special evening or date.

Safety And Security For Our Alzheimer's And Dementia Care Residents

At Symphony, the safety, security and well-being of our residents is a top priority. Symphony's memory care community utilizes the renowned Momentum Real-time Location System, a state-of-the-art wireless location and emergency call system. Each Alzheimer's and dementia care resident receives their own personal Momentum Badge, which when pressed delivers an assistance request to their designated resident specialist via mobile device. The message includes the resident's name and precise location, whether in the resident's suite, or outside in the garden area.

Memory Support Whenever You Need It

If you are caring for someone with Alzheimer's or any type of dementia, and you work during the day or simply need a break, our Day and Night Owl Programs can provide the support you need.

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