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I have truly been amazed and proud of the team at Symphony Senior Living. I always knew we had some really special team members, from the housekeepers to corporate managers; we regularly celebrate our hero's every year at the holidays and other times But the COVID-19 Pandemic has our team rising to a new level that I have never seen in my over 25 years in the industry. Incredible strength, determination and creatively. It is almost like we needed a crisis to show how amazing the teams are in their everyday care and engagement of our residents and their loved ones. Many have taken actions and sacrifices, outside of work to ensure their families safety and our residents safety. Everyone one takes this seriously; but no one has lost their desire to protect and serve in a fun and creative way.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Lisa Brush, CEO & founder

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Karin V. May 8/20 Symphony Orléans Dear Symphony staff members and team. You have been so wonderful in caring for my parents and all other families in the residence. You always treat them with respect and a smile and during this difficult time you bring laughter and joy to them when families are unable to visit. My family thanks you for going above and beyond.
Colleen L. May 8/20 Symphony Orléans Dearest Symphony teams: There are not enough words to express the most deepest of gratitude for all you do everyday. You've been keeping watch and caring for all our loved ones. Your smiles and going the extra mile for everyone is amazing. You've kept the seniors amused, busy, entertained, well nourished, helped them kindle and form wonderful friendships and most of all safe and healthy. Our family is proud to call Symphony a part of our Grimes family.
Linda R. May 8/20 Symphony Orléans Thank you to all of you for your tender loving care for our Mother and for everyone at the Symphony Senior Living in Orleans... a year ago, Mom moved in, thank you for having made this transition so much easier for all of us... thanking for answering our calls and concerns and keeping everyone safe... you mean a world to us
Sharon D. May 8/20 Symphony Orléans It is with heartfelt gratitude that I commend all staff members for the caring and support you provide to my Mom and her fellow Symphony residents. Not just during these unprecedented times, but every day, every shift, I see evidence of your willingness to go above and beyond in so many ways. That kind of compassion, patience and devotion is all I could ever wish for my mother to receive from her primary caregivers. You once referred to the residents as venerable when I thought vulnerable was what you meant to say ... but I realized that just that one word was evidence that you treasure our loved ones as much as we do. Thank you!
Joanne C. May 8/20 Symphony Orléans From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Symphony Team for all you do! Your dedication, your compassion, your hard work & long hours, are all so much appreciated, especially during these difficult times.
Wilma C. May 9/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thank you to each one of you, for the kindness and care you provide every day to ensure the safety of all your precious residents, and in particular our mother (and mother-in-law), Vera. The gift you are giving by keeping everyone safe and healthy in this stressful time is beyond measure, and apprieciated more than you know.
Cheryl B. May 9/20 Carleton Place Terrace I feel we are so lucky to have our mom at Carleton Pl., Terrace the staff are absolutely wonderful and compassionate.
Louise I. May 9/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thank you to staff, management and volunteers at the Terrace - this is a scary time, but I know that mum is well looked after and that she is being kept as safe as possible.
Sue Potter May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thank you to all the great staff taking care of all the residents. But especially thank you for taking care of my mother-in-law. Looking forward to being together with her again to celebrate a belated 90th birthday with a family bar-b-que and that will be thanks to the staff for keeping her healthy. Bravo!
Dawne L. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace I want to say thank you for the extraordinary work all the staff has been doing during this tough, lengthy, period of time. It is so nice to see the pictures of everyone during this lockdown participating in activities, they are enjoyable to see and appreciated! The ideas of how we can still stay in contact with Mom has been very appreciated as well.
Wendy R. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thank you to EVERYONE for keeping my dad and everyone else there safe. Keep up the good work - its appreciated!
Colleen K. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace I would like to thank the staff who are taking care of my sister Madonna you have hearts of gold and the patients beyond, so glad you are working at the manor taking such great care of everyone.
Stephanie T. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thank you to all the staff and management for what you do to keep all the residents safe and entertained during this time when their families cannot visit. It's great to see all the pictures to see that they are well taken care of. Again, thank you so much!!! Stay safe.
Debbie R. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace Many thanks to the director, managers, and each of the staff members for your care, compassion and dedication to all of the residents in the Terrace. This will be my first Mother's Day without my Mom but I know she will be safe and content with all of you. Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms.
Sheri H. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thank you for keeping my parents safe. I called about deliveries for mothers day and you apologized for not allowing it. Never apologize, my parents are safe and you are amazing. Once again thank you for all you have done.
Dody T. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace I Would like to say Thank you to all the amazing staff of the Carleton Place Terrace, this has been a very lengthy lockdown and scary for us all, your care of my Mother and all the residents has been a huge weight off my shoulders, My Mom feels very comfortable and secure, I have full confidence in you all, I also love all the Pics of our happy seniors. Thank you From (Dody) Lauretta Traill Resident. and Sandra Cotnam Daughter.
Heather G. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace I would like to give many thanks to all staff and management team at Carleton Place Terrace. We have such caring hard workers keeping our residents safe. I would also like to thank the families for all their understanding during this time. YOU ARE ALL DOING SUCH A GREAT JOB THANK YOU!!!
Jayne M. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thanks to all the staff for doing a wonderful job with all the residents with this ongoing virus!!You've managed to stay Covid free and I thank you for keeping my Mom Irene Empey safe!!!
Donna H. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace Would love to say thank you very much to all staff and residents for everything WE do for each other threw this virus I would not have it any other way and to all our families for your support
Ernie L. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thank you so much for all you do! What an amazing team!
Rae S. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thank you all for your kind compassionate care!
Jeff D. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace I personally want to thank all the staff and management for their huge dedication to our family of residents. THANK YOU!
Leah C. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace You are rockstars! Thank you for all that you do!
Linda S. May 8/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thank you for all you do to keep everyone safe. It's a hard job and I am in awe... and to quote one of your residents that I saw on one of your videos today Don't marry a Catholic boy!!! -- But hey I did-- but I am on number three now. I am Anglican though and we do funny things like that sometimes..:) Sending all of you the biggest hugs I can find
Tracy L. May 9/20 Carleton Place Terrace I cannot not even begin to express my continued growth of gratitude to the Team in which I get to be a part of! The dedication, support and compassion that has been presented over the course not only over this entire pandemic, but always, has been inspirational to say the least! I have never been more inspired and proud of the family I have been lucky enough to be a part of! So today and always know that I appreciate you and every little piece that you bring to this beautiful puzzle! THANK YOU doesn't even seem like enough but know that each one of us is an important part of a greater picture and it just wouldn't be the same without you!
Sally P. May 11/20 Carleton Place Terrace Thank you all for what you do!
Marguerite O. May 5/20 Forest Valley Terrace Thank-you for all the care provided to Bud Coulthard. He passed away at peace after all his family could say goodbye. This happened during the Covid 19 pandemic so we are grateful for the time we were given to say goodbye!! Thanks
Sharon G. May 8/20 Symphony Orléans Sending a heartfelt great big THANK YOU to all the wonderful, caring, fun loving, creative Symphony Team. WHAT A GREAT BUNCH YOU ALL ARE.
Dorothy B. May 8/20 Symphony Kanata A huge and heartfelt thanks to all of you ~ such an amazing staff! Thank you for the care of and support for the people we love when we are not able to be there. I cannot day enough about how grateful I am. You are all heroes!
Rita N. May 8/20 Symphony Kanata We want to create one big thank you letter addressed to our amazing staff! We've had so many wonderful comments left but it would be much easier to gather all of them in one place. Comment your thank-you below- just note that your name and full message will be displayed on our website.
Gayle M. May 10/20 Forest Valley Terrace It has made such a difference to see these Facebook posts each day. Thank you taking the time to keep us up to date when you have so many things to do. Also a big thank you to all the staff who go the extra mile and meet the needs and requests of the individual residences. From opening windows, to supplying books and movies, helping with phone calls and supplying custom hard boiled eggs! You are all deeply appreciated. Keep well. Keep safe and thank you.
Norm F. May 8/20 Forest Valley Terrace Amazing. Awesome. Caring. Creative. Loving. There really are no words to describe how wonderful each and every staff member of the Forest Valley Terrace team has been in this time of crisis. You have gone above and beyond to keep all residents and my dear mom happy, healthy and feeling loved and safe. You have set an example that all homes should follow. It has reassured us and given us peace to know my mom is in the best place there is. Thank you - you are all superstars!
Cynitha C. May 8/20 Forest Valley Terrace Dear Forest Valley Terrace staff, You all are incredibly patient, giving and most of all kind. Thank you for looking after my mom, Adrienne. During such a difficult time you have stepped up to the challenges and your smiles shine, right through the masks!
Joanne C. May 8/20 Forest Valley Terrace Dearest staff: it's been so nice to see Uncle Eddy settling in and how you are able to pull out his personality. I know it's been rough for Jackie and the family. I have not been able to see him since he left town and as soon as i can get myself to Ottawa i will be popping in. I know i appreciate all you do and i also know its not easy at times. I took care of mom for 8 yrs as she was diagnosed with dementia and other serious medical diagnoses. I look forward to more pictures and seeing him happy. It makes my heart smile.
Lynn G. May 8/20 Forest Valley Terrace You are incredible and thank you to all of you. Not having covid19 is big. Taking care of our mother, mother in law and grandmother Georgette in this not easy time mean soooo much for the Gratton's family.
Victoria I. May 8/20 Forest Valley Terrace During these trying times I am so relieved and thankful my mom is being kept not only safe but well loved in our absence. Thank you so very much for going above and beyond, protecting your residents as well as all your employees and volunteers.You are all angels.
Lorrie H. May 8/20 Forest Valley Terrace Just wanted to say a huge Thank you to all the staff members at Forest Valley Terrace. Thank for keeping all the residents safe and well entertained during this difficult time! Your dedication and commitment to the residents is amazing! Keep up the great work; we all appreciate you!
Carole L. May 8/20 Forest Valley Terrace Dearest Forest Valley Heros: You are awesome! Thank you for keeping everyone safe, healthy and happy! Your commitment to not only my mother Sue Lillie, but to all residents is incredible! Love your Facebook daily updates and the love and kindness that can be felt in each post! You are all phenomenal!
Lorraine R. May 8/20 Forest Valley Terrace Thank you so much for everything you do and all the care you give to the patients. Eddy is my brother and it warms my heart to see him happy and to be participating in the activities. The sparkle in his eyes is back and we are so grateful for that. I look forward every day to see your videos and pictures, keep up the great work!
Wendy B. May 8/20 Forest Valley Terrace My husband, Paul, adds his sincere thanks to those expressed by his sisters Victoria and Cynthia for your care of their Mom Adrienne. We enjoy seeing all the on-line photos of the ways the hardworking staff is keeping the residents happy and active. Your efforts are more appreciated than you can ever know.